The Boxes

Warp Looper with Delay

Portable and Immediate with just the right amount of cold war Russian charm. This Lo-Fi sampler has a loop function, built in delay, trigger button and line out. The sample rate (speed) can be manipulated using a knob or the light dependent resistor(LDR). Sample time is 20 to 40 seconds depending on rate setting.

The Bone Box

Capable of a huge range of sound effects, noises and tones. Six Oscillators clash in a precarious symbiotic balance. All Oscillators are manually adjustable and 2 have additional XY joystick control. A four note keyboard is setup to give a range of 16 notes with additional pitch bend. The onboard delay has speed and repeat controls. USB rechargeable and loud, this uniquely playable instrument will sound different every time you pick it up.

The Bracht Box

This is our simplest Lo-Fi sampler. With a paint job that gives a nod to the golden era of the cassette. Record your own sound using the onboard Microphone (20 to 40 sec depending on frequency setting) then manipulate the pitch with either the pitch control knob or the LDR (light dependent resistor). For really interesting effects, try recording while moving around a light source with the LDR button on.

The Scream Box

A 2 oscillator noise maker with switchable capacitance, LDR control of one oscillator, a rudimentary 3 note keyboard and a good old fashioned voltage starve pitch bender. Delay, amp and speaker on board and USB rechargeable. Has a tendency to sound haunted.

The Verner Swatch Box

The Verner Swatch Box is a dual oscillator synthesiser with 7 controls, including LDR (light dependent resistor) control of one of the oscillators. It is hand painted based on the Verner Panton fabric design and is loud enough to provide Hendrix style lead breaks at acoustic jams.

Whale Caller

This box has 3 oscillators in various stages of distress. Each of them switchable to an LDR. The four step sequencer has tempo ranging from deep space slo mo to manic, all via an AR circuit that doubles as a waveform mixer. Speed and Decay adjustable delay. USB rechargeable. Constantly surprising.